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Not All Plaster Walls are Equal

So plaster is plaster is plaster....right?

Not so much! There are actually 4 major plaster systems!

For the guy fixing your wall, knowing which one you have is going to be crucial to the outcome of your repair.

Yet, the more I research, the more I am convinced that lots of folk, even those who repair plaster as part of their services...just don't seem to be aware of the 4 major systems...and what their weaknesses are.

What are the 4 major plaster systems?

1.) Plaster over masonry

2). Plaster over wood lath

3). Plaster over metal lath

4). Plaster over gypsum lath

Now...knowing this is just the beginning. Each one has inherent strengths and weaknesses as a system.

And knowing those strengths and weaknesses, those points of potential failure is crucial to a proper repair.

And honestly, thats just for starters!

Give us a call. We can tell you exactly what type of plaster system you have, how it is failing (or likely to fail) and what we can do about it.

Usually we have solutions that can fix these problems for good!

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Plaster over gypsum lath

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