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Highland Games, getting into the spirit
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Out to Lunch
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World Equestrian Games
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Yes, I can smile!
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Tie dye flashback
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To paint or not to paint
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At the beach!
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Its been a long time since I first picked up brushes and trowels, working and laughing with my crew back in Chicago in the 1980's. As long as we had coffee, we could tackle anything! 


Hi, I'm Philip Lamachio, a Greensboro native and the owner/founder of Estate Plaster.  

For me, plaster repair is not just an afterthought, something you guess at. 


I have taken the skill of plaster repair and made it an art, one that is worthy of all my attention.


Most people assume that plaster is just prone to cracking, but that's not completely trueit has to do with the stability of the structure and the plaster system employed.


Given the proper procedures, (and a house that is not settling) certain cracks can be repaired with an assurance they will never come back.


My goal is to elevate this skill, offer the highest value to my customers and to educate others* in the specialized knowledge required to repair this amazing material, because those who cherish and love their vintage homes deserve no less.  

My hobbies at the moment include strength training and music. I go to the Grandfather Mountain Highland games each year, camping out and meeting new friends. 

I am also a service business consultant, (the Go To Pro)  helping other service pros achieve success at 

* I am the founder of The American School of Plaster Restoration, an educational resource being developed to train others in the art of plaster restoration.