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Plaster Repair in Winston Salem 

This is a small gallery showing some of the work we have done in Winston Salem, N.C. 


Winston is in our backyard and we really enjoy working with our neighbors! 

Decorative Foyer before Winston Salem
Decorative Foyer during Winston Sale
Ornamental plaster repair, Winston Salem NC
Decorative plaster Winston Salem
Decorative Plaster, foyer after Winston Salem
Plaster repair, ceilings and walls, Winston Salem, N.C.
Ceiling plaster repair Winston Salem
Dining Room Winston Salem, During
Damaged walls, Winston Salem
Full screen Winston Salem
Dining Room Roediger House Winston Salem
Water damaged ceiling, Winston Salem, before
Water Damage Winston Salem after
Ceiling and wall repair, Winston Salem, N.C.
Full screen, anchoring and prime, Winston Salem
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