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Ceiling Cracks: An Ominous Sign? 



Ceiling cracks usually indicate a problem with detachment of the plaster system from the framing of the building.


Cracks in the ceiling can precede collapse, which may take the homeowner by surprise with disastrous consequences. 

These collapses are entirely preventable however, and the cracks often indicate that a problem is about to occur.  


Bulging plaster, Greensboro, NC. Ceiling

Most often, these cracks are treated as a cosmetic issue and are simply taped or textured to hide the crack. This is a band-aid solution however, and only delays the inevitable force of gravity. 

The Bad News


All plaster ceiling systems have inherent weaknesses.


These can manifest over time in cracking, buckling and even collapsing,

partially or completely, depending on the system.


While most ceiling cracks are not serious, some plaster ceiling systems are more prone to dramatic complete collapses than others, as evidenced by the pictures below.


Do you have plaster ceiling cracks? They may or may not be serious, but you should get them checked out.

Obvious Signs of Failure


One of the obvious signs of a poor attachment is a long crack (or two) that when repaired in the usual (but improper) manner (taping and patching)

continues to open up.


Another very clear indication of an impending problem is shown by measuring the height of the ceiling from the corner of the room vs the the height of the ceiling in the middle of the room (esp. right on the crack).


A variation of more than 1/2" should be taken seriously. 


If attached in an insecure manner, the weight of the plaster over the gypsum lath can pull the whole system down,often with catostrophic results. 


If your home was built between 1950 and 1960 we recommend you have us inspect it. 

(Scroll over the pictures below for more detail)



.... The Good News


Estate Plaster is on the forefront of this issue.


We can determine your plaster system, diagnose its soundness

and prevent a collapse...without the mess and cost of tearing out and replacing the ceiling! 


We can prevent this from happening to you.....



Almost ALL plaster ceiling collapses are preventable with proper analysis and remediation techniques. 

Estate Plaster uses a proprietary combination of techniques, fasteners and materials that when combined will not only prevent future cracks or collapse, we will guarantee it. 

From lifting the ceiling back to level, to anchoring, bonding primer and fiberglass screen embedded into the plaster, we cover all the bases of potential issues with plaster ceiling systems so you can rest easy.

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