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Water Damage: Crucial Facts

Water damage to plaster ceilings may be caused by many things:  a hole in the roof, bad flashing, overflowing condensation pans, leaky bathroom plumbing, etc.  Finding and addressing the cause of the water damage is the first step before repair. 

(Often we can help you with this at the time of the estimate)


Water Damage on Plaster


Water damage can occur either slowly, drip by drip, or quickly,

as when a pipe bursts in the attic. 


The slow, almost unnoticable leak that gets ignored does the most damage.


Because it seems so insignificant, homeowners generally ignore it.

Years can go by.


What happens is a slow disintegration of the plaster and lath, sometimes even the framing.. 


It is much better to address the source of the problem as soon as you

notice a stain. Stop it at the source! 



Free Onsite Consultation and Estimate


If you live within 60 miles of Greensboro, we will do a free estimate. Contact us for estimates outside of that range. 

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