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December 27, 2018

Could your plaster ceiling collapse? Know the signs and take preventative measures before it's too late.

June 24, 2017

Are you the owner or steward of a pre 1960 building? 

Are your plaster ceilings secure, or are they ready to collapse? 

Proper inspection can determine if your ceilings are sound.  If they aren't, 

we can prevent them from collapsing, while saving the original plaste...

August 8, 2015

Finding and connecting with quality local service providers is the name of the game for both homeowners, tradespeople and the ubiquitous 'referral company'. 

In building this website it became obvious that the online market had changed quite a bit since 2008....

August 6, 2015

So plaster is plaster is plaster....right? 


Not so much!  There are actually 4 major plaster systems!


For the guy fixing your wall, knowing which one you have is going to be crucial to the outcome of your repair.


Yet, the more I research, the more I am convinced that l...

August 6, 2015

So, there is a crack in your plaster ceiling. Big deal....right?  


Maybe so, maybe not. 


How can you know if it is something that should concer you?  Here's a short list to check off: 


1). Is the crack getting noticably bigger in a fairly short time...